Our Story

Two years ago, I was running late while getting ready for my corporate job. I scrambled together all the makeup brushes I needed to quickly do my makeup at work. My brushes were always falling on the ground, in my car, in the bathroom at work, and I thought - there has to be an easier way than this. Why was this so inconvenient? I had a few double ended brushes that were okay, but they still didn't make my makeup bag feel any less cluttered.

The idea for Hexbrush was born that night. We spent two years with an engineer and designer trying to create the most convenient, lightweight design - completely from scratch. There was nothing like this on the market, so we had absolutely nothing to go off of. Eventually, after tons of samples and renders, we achieved the absolute lightest, most compact, convenient design.

This entire process was full of ups and downs. Lots of tears, followed by smiles and laughs. It was all definitely much more challenging than any of us anticipated, but also so rewarding to finally see a dream come to life. So much thought and attention went into every single detail, so we really hope you enjoy your product, just as much as we enjoyed creating it for you!